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Intellectual property protects creativity and entrepreneurship.

Our IP lawyers can assist you at all stages of your business.

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An intellectual property lawyer can assist you with advice to avoid litigation

Our IP lawyers can help in a number of ways.

Our lawyers are available to protect your creations. There are a wide variety of intellectual property rights:

  • Copyright protects works (e.g. novels, paintings, photographs, music, films, etc.);
  • the trademark protects commercial signs (e.g. “Coca-Cola”, “Chimay”, “Neuhaus”, …);
  • the trade name protects the signs (e.g. “La fleur de sel”, “Chez Léon”, etc.);
  • Domain name law (URL) protects Internet addresses (e.g.: . be; .com; .eu; .net; …);
  • Patent law protects inventions (e.g. a new mechanical piston, a new coffee maker, a new telephone, etc.);
  • Design law protects the design of the product (e.g. the shape of a piece of furniture, the appearance of a car, the design of a bottle, etc.);
  • business secrets protect trade secrets;
  • Geographical indications protect the indications of origin of products.

The originality of a creation often ensures its commercial success, which other companies then try to infiltrate. It is therefore important to ensure that your creation is well protected.

Our lawyers are available to negotiate or draft a contract that will allow you to make the most of your rights:

An IP lawyer can also assist you in litigation

Our intellectual property lawyers can assist you before the courts and tribunals to:

How to choose your IP lawyer?

Norman NEYRINCK is a lawyer specialised in intellectual property law, active throughout Belgium (offices in Brussels, Namur, Charleroi and Liège).

It should be noted here that the Ordre des avocats francophones et Germanophones de Belgique (O.B.F.G. / distinguishes between :

  • lawyers who practice a matter “in a preferential capacity” (this is their usual practice); and,
  • lawyers who are “specialists” in a given field (this is their usual practice and they have been recognised by the O.B.F.G. as having genuine expertise in the field.

As far as I am concerned, the title of “lawyer specialised in intellectual property rights” (a discipline that includes trademark law) was granted to me by the decision of 11 January 2022 of the Bar Council of Liège.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any advice.

Our lawyers are specialised in intellectual property… and more!

Lexing‘s lawyers specialise in intellectual property law. Lexing’s lawyers are also experts in all areas of business law. We have a particular expertise in two areas that either frame or employ intellectual property law:

We advise you. If necessary, we represent you before the courts.

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