Competition law is your business!

Competition law protects entrepreneurial freedom and regulates the functioning of markets.

  • Antitrust law (e.g. non-compete clausesexclusivity clause, cartel, abuse of dominant position, illegal exchange of information between companies, etc.);
  • Unfair competition law (e.g.: poaching of personnel, denigration, misappropriation of customers, comparative advertising, etc.);
  • State aid law (e.g. obtaining illegal public subsidies to launch a new activity or support the failing activity of one of your competitors).

Competition law applies to all businesses, regardless of sector, including :

  • Professional organisations (e.g. professional trade unions, associations representing a sector, professional bodies, etc.);
  • public companies active in the market;
  • individual traders and the professions.
Competition Law - Lawyer

Are you a victim of an anti-competitive practice? Take action with Competition law rules!

We provide all the services necessary to support you and turn your business around when you are faced with an anti-competitive practice:

  • claim for damages for an anti-competitive practice ;
  • defence or complaint before the Belgian Competition Authority or the European Commission;
  • action before the Commercial Court to obtain an urgent end to anti-competitive behaviour.

Upstream, we provide the necessary legal advice to avoid your liability (e.g.: drafting of your contracts; internal regulations of professional associations; legal advice to dominant companies concerning the behaviour they cannot adopt; …).

In addition, we have developed particular expertise in two key areas of competition law enforcement, namely

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