Contracts and distribution networks

Commercial distribution law concerns all companies.

It therefore also concerns your company.

Whether you are a producer, a wholesaler or a retailer, the success of your business depends on its good supply and the visibility of the products or services you offer.

It is therefore important to secure your supply channels on the one hand and your distribution channels on the other.

Organise your distribution activities!

In law, commercial distribution takes the form of contracts. There are many different types of contracts, all subject to their own rules:

It is therefore very important to identify the most appropriate type of contract for your business and to understand the rules that apply to it.

In addition, if you want to set up a physical sales network, you should also be familiar with the real estate aspects of retailing.

Our lawyers assist you in the distribution of your products!

We offer a full range of services and advice to help you with :

  • choosing the right distribution contract, negotiating and drafting it;
  • disputes related to the execution of the contract (late payment, renewal and renegotiation of the contract, etc.);
  • the termination of the distribution contract (amicable or contentious termination), and their consequences (notice period, customer indemnity, return of stocks, etc.).

In addition, we have a particular expertise in two of the subjects that frame all distribution law, namely :

We advise you. If necessary, we represent you before the courts.

Do you need advice? Do you need to be represented in Court?

Contact us!

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