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I am a lawyer at Lexing lawfirm. My preferred activities are known:

  • Competition (and unfair competition) law

  • Distribution law (including franchise agreements)

  • Intellectual property law (copyright, trademarks, patents, design, etc.)

The following is an illustration of the support I provide. Lexing has twenty-five lawyers in Belgium. If necessary, other lawyers from my firm will intervene to defend you in all areas of business law. We serve companies and individuals, traders and professionals.

Antitrust, Competition and Unfair Competition Law

  • Legal advice (e.g. checking the legality of non-competition and exclusivity clauses)

  • Filing a complaint with the Belgian Competition Authority or the European Commission

  • Action before the President of the Commercial Court to obtain urgent cessation of anti-competitive behaviour


  • Legal advice for organising a selective or exclusive sales network

  • Drafting of franchise agreements and pre-contractual information documents

  • Drafting of commercial lease contracts, sales contracts or general terms and conditions of sale (including online sales)

  • Conciliation in the event of a breach of the supply contract

  • Litigation before the courts: breach of the distribution contract or action for damages

Intellectual Property Law

  • Filing of files to ensure the registration and protection of works, trademarks, inventions and designs

  • Drafting of co-authorship contracts, commissioning contracts or adaptation contracts

  • Drafting of licensing and commercial distribution agreements

  • Infringement action: “cease and desist” action and claim for damages

The Role of the Lawyer

Advice. Defense.

The lawyer advises. The lawyer represents. The lawyer defends. If you are faced with a dispute, we will advise you on the most effective strategy to regain control of your situation.

We will present you with your rights and those of your opponent before working with you to determine the best solution to turn your business around.

If necessary, we take your word to the courts. We defend your interests before all courts.

Negociation. Drafting.

The lawyer reconciles. In the event of a dispute, a commercial solution is often preferable to court proceedings. Legal arguments can strengthen your position in a commercial negotiation. We assist you in providing the arguments that will tip the negotiations in your favour.

The lawyer drafts. The lawyer is a legal auxiliary. If your company does not have a legal department, we will draft the documents (articles of association, contracts, etc.) you need. If you already have in-house legal counsel, we will assist you in reviewing and strengthening the most complex legal documents.

Conditions of intervention et fees

I act in accordance with the ethical rules applicable to lawyers at the Bar of Liège.

My fees are subject to a fair moderation which takes into account the importance and complexity of the dispute, the duties performed, the level of the interests in dispute, the specialisation of the matters dealt with, the result obtained and the urgency of the intervention.

Depending on the type of intervention, we agree on one of the following fee calculation methods:

  • an hourly wage ;
  • a flat fee ;
  • a fee based on a percentage of the value of your case.

I will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your case with transparency and clarity.

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